Council & Committee Members

Mayor: Donna Matteo-Spadea
Council President: Ryan Hastings
Council Vice President: Stacey Calhoun
Council Members: Ryan Hastings, Stacey Calhoun, Keisha Williams, David Lee Robinson, Nancy Cotton, Felecia Coffee, Stephen Zane

Committee Assignments:
Finance, Admin, Technology, HR & Library: Keisha Williams – Chair, Stacey Calhoun, David Lee Robinson
Health, Code Enforcement, & Zoning: Keisha Williams – Chair, Felecia Coffee, Nancy Cotton
Highway & Sanitation: Stacey Calhoun – Chair, Stephen Zane, Nancy Cotton
Parks & Recreation: Nancy Cotton – Chair, Stacey Calhoun, Felecia Coffee
Properties, Utilities & Planning: David Lee Robinson – Chair, Felecia Coffee, Keisha Williams
Public Safety & Emergency Services: David Lee Robinson – Chair, Keisha Williams, Stacey Calhoun

Note: Council Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Municipal Council Chambers. 

Committee Meetings are to be determined.